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Street Vavin
Cette voie a été ouverte en 1831 sur le tracé de l'ancien passage de l'Ouest.

This route was opened in 1831 along the route of the old crossing of the West.

Deputy district
Number 5
Brigaud Florentin (1886-1958) Sculptor animalié, born in Bragny Charolais Bourgogne, who died at Sainte Maxime has lived for 40 years in this house from 1918 to 1958 Don the town of Gien Loiret.
Number 26
Building stands imagined in 1912 by Henri Sauvage, whose facade (assigned) is entirely covered with earthenware, which is why it is forbidden there to ask commercial plates (companies, doctors etc ...). In the upper floors there is a private theater.

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