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Street Garancière
This pathway is created in the sixteenth century and then called alley Saint-Sulpice and Garance street Garancière become due Garancière Hotel built in this place in 1540.

Cette voie est créée au xvie siècle et prend alors le nom de ruelle Saint-Sulpice puis de rue Garance devenue Garancière en raison de l'hôtel Garancière construit en ce lieu en 1540

Here lived in Fall 1925 William Faulkner
  Number 2
Garancière street dominated by a chapel of St. Sulpice in encorbellement.

Number 3
Francisque Gay
1885 - 1963
Founder Editor of Dawn and of Catholic life. Paris deputy, Vice-President of the Council, Ambassador of France. Habitat house and the anima from 1914 to 1954.

Number 4
In this house was born Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand - Périgord (1754-1838). General agent of the clergy, Bishop of Autun, member of the Constituent Assembly, Minister of External Relations Board, the Consulate, the Empire and the Restoration, President of the Provisional Government of France in 1814, ambassador in London in 1830.
"I've never in a hurry, and yet I am always arrived on time."
(Prince de Talleyrand)

Number 8
Hotel Sourdéac
It's a mansion, built in 1646 on the site of the former hotel Garancière to René de Rieux, bishop-count of Léon in Brittany.
The hotel was later acquired by Henri Plon, printer of Napoleon III, and served as the headquarters of the Plon library until 1988.
The hotel was inscrir as historical monuments October 20, 1928.
Number 11
Stayed here Paul Thureau Dangin, Historian permanent secretary of the French Academy - 1837 - 1913
Number 12
Princess Anne of Bavaria erected here in 1715, a public fountain for residents. After its demolition in 1913 it was rebuilt in the same location. The Latin inscription above mean:
"With the approval of the warden and councilors, the séréinissime Princess Anne of Bavaria, widow of Serene Prince Henri-Jules de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, tried that here, at its expense, gushed water for citizens. L the year of the Lord 1715.
Number -
Bridge of Sénat

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