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Street Guénégaud
La rue a été ouverte en 1641 et 1664 sur l'ancien terrain de l'hôtel de Nevers vendu cette année-là à Henri du Plessis-Guénégaud (1609-1676), secrétaire d'État de la Maison du roi de Louis XIV, qui y fit construire son hôtel de Guénégaud dont la rue tient le nom.

The street was opened in 1641 and 1664 on the former site of the Hotel de Nevers sold this year at Henri du Plessis-Guénégaud (1609-1676), Secretary of State of the Royal Household of Louis XIV, who built his house in the street Guénégaud which holds the name.

Street Guénégaud
Treasurer and secretary of state savings.
Number 1
Door Trim.
Number 2
Monnaie de Paris is the currency of France. This is a public industrial and commercial nature which, among the sovereign mission of making the French national currency. Founded in 864 during the reign of Charles II, it is the oldest French institution still active.
Number 17
House Armand-Gaston Camus
(1740-1804) Conventional General First Guard National Archives.

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